Project Coordination and Management

This component supports activities related to national and county-level project coordination and management, including annual work planning and budgeting (AWP&B), fiduciary aspects (financial management and procurement), HR management, safeguards compliance monitoring, development and implementation of MIS and ICT-based platforms, M&E and impact evaluation, and communication strategy and citizen engagement through various campaigns on social media, run by companies like The Marketing Heaven. In addition, in the event of a national disaster affecting the agricultural sector, the project will respond through a contingency emergency response facility.

Subcomponent 4.1: Project Coordination

This subcomponent aims at supporting the national and county-level project coordination units (NPCU and CPCUs) in implementing project activities. The key activities implemented are: establishing and operationalizing project structures; developing and implementing communication strategy; developing annual workplans and budget; developing and implementing procurement plans; preparing financial and audit reports; undertaking semi-annual and annual financial audits; holding consultative meetings and capacity building and technical backstopping.

The key outputs under this sub component are:

  • Project implementation, Supervision and oversight structures established and operationalized
  • Stakeholder communication and feedback enhanced
  • Enhanced compliance with Fiduciary requirements

Output 4.2: Enhanced M&E and knowledge management

Subcomponent 4.2: Monitoring & Evaluation and ICT

This subcomponent support activities related to routine M&E functions (e.g., data collection, analysis, and reporting); development of an ICT-based Agricultural Information Platform for sharing information (e.g., technical or extension advisory services, business and market-oriented, agro-weather information, stakeholder feedback, grievance and complaints, and others); and facilitation of networking across all components. It support establishing and operationalizing GRM, environment and social safeguards compliance, baseline, mid-point, and end-of-project impact evaluations.

The key outputs under this sub component are:

  • M&E System operationalized
  • Operationalized MIS and ICT platforms
  • Monitoring and evaluation system developed
  • Increased uptake of digital agricultural innovations
  • MIS and ICT platform system developed
  • Enhanced Compliance to ESS
  • Environmental and social safeguards mainstreamed