Strengthening Producer Organizations and Value Chain Development

The objective of this component is to strengthen producer organizations (POs) and develop the prioritized value chains to increase agricultural profitability in the targeted rural communities in the 21 counties project implementing.

 Component 2 is being implemented through two subcomponents and entails the following;

  • Implementation of the prioritized Value Chains (VCs) upgrading action plans developed by the Producer Organizations (POs) and other stakeholders.
  • Networking of the various stakeholders through established VC stakeholders’ Platforms.

Sub-component 2.1 Strengthening Producer Organizations

This sub-component aims at building the capacity of the Producer Organizations (POs) through;

  • Selection of existing and federation of new POs
  • Linking Common Interest Groups (CIGs) & Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups (VMGs) to POs
  • Capacity Needs Assessment (CNAs) of the POs
  • Implementation of Capacity Building Plans (CBPs) for the POs
  • Implementation of Enterprise Development Plans (EDPs) by POs.

Ultimately the sub-component aims at supporting Producer Organizations access farm inputs and produce/product markets competitively.

Sub-component 2.2 Value Chain Development

This sub-component aims at establishing; Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the development & implementation of VC upgrading action plans, networks & linkages among the VCs and support of VC stakeholders’ platforms.

Main Component Outputs

  • Strengthened capacity of POs in the prioritized value chains
  • Increased agricultural profitability within the prioritized value chains
  • Enhanced POs networks and market linkages


To-date the project across the 21 implementing counties has;

  • Signed 159 MOUs between the county governments and 159 POs
  • Provided support to 11 POs under inclusion grants amounting to Ksh 25,254,620 and Enterprise Development grants to one PO amounting to Ksh 5,000,000.
  • Has reached 366, 647 farmers through the POs